Daniel El-Tawil, General Manager, German Chemicals, will be speaking at The Big 5 Construct Egypt

The Big 5 Construct Egypt will host Daniel El-Tawil, General Manager at German Chemicals, as the event's speaker this year. He will present a seminar session titled "Introduction in Total Quality Management and Its Impact in Construction Field."

Daniel El-Tawil
Daniel El-Tawil


Here's what he told us ahead of the event:

Briefly describe the role of Total Quality Management in construction.

Total Quality Management creates a new management system focusing on the customer, by involving all the employees in continuous improvement. 

What are the top 3 benefits of incorporating TQM in construction?

1. To reduce the projects time frame and total cost, by minimizing the probability of errors, through preventive actions. 
2. To achieve high quality products by focusing on customer satisfaction. 
3. To increase efficiency and effectiveness of everyone involved in the project through the integration and continuous improvement plan. 

What are the obstacles one faces in implementing TQM in construction?

Industry culture and the resistance from the employees to change their regular ways due to wrong perception are a major obstacle. Also, the lack of time as a result of unorganized work, and the lack of employees involvement can affect the implementation of TQM.  

How do you see TQM evolving in the next few years in Egypt?

TQM has become a need that will enable us to manage all the mega projects now in Egypt. Without TQM we will face the risk of unorganized processes, losing our main goals and not taking the correct actions from the first time.
​TQM will add a value to our projects by fulfilling all the client's requirements and start the paradigm shift.

What will industry professionals learn by attending your presentation at The Big 5 Construct Egypt?

They will learn about the TQM philosophy and how to focus on their customers to develop their business through one team spirit by providing key notes with practical examples.

About Daniel El-Tawil -

Daniel El-Tawil is an Architect Engineer with more than 15 years of experience in the construction field. He is also the CEO & Founder of German Chemicals for Modern Building, the main agent for BASF, Egypt. Daniel has participated in many considerable mega projects inside and outside Egypt like: Burj Khalifa Development, Dubai Mall Project in Dubai, UAE the largest Shopping Mall in the world and the gate towers in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, Steigenberger Aldahw beach Resort & Hotel in Hurghada & the American University in Cairo in new Cairo (the new campus Development).

The involvement in such remarkable mega projects worked along with the academic courses: Quality Management Systems and ISO 9001, Project Management Scheduling & Resource management, TQM-Total Quality Management & Selling to major accounts, integrated consultancy services; to result that awarding of the best agent in the world during the visit of the distribution channel manager in Germany. Also his company is classified as the first distributor in the Egyptian market in accordance with BASF standards of figures and image.

He has a clear vision aims to develop the construction field in Egypt to cope with world progress, accordingly he has the lead & footprint in establishing training for engineers and labors through free courses (practical & academic) held in his company and also he set up a booth inside the Engineering syndicate club in Cairo to be the first training center with a unique design to serve the engineers and give free consultancy services.

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